The Pijama Look: at home, at the beach and everywhere!

The Pijama Look: at home, at the beach and everywhere!

May 26th, 2020

Pijamas have become the new normal when it comes to dressing up to be at home. Using them for bedtime is so past, now each time we open our  closets, they are our first choice But how much do you know about pijamas? Any ideas? don’t worry, Moda Lab teaches you some curious facts about this piece through history  that will surely surprise you.

“Pajamas’ comes from the Persian ‘paejama’, which means’ leg garment ‘. It was used to refer to bedtime clothes,  made up of pants and a shirt, which was used to warm up the body at night, because there were no heating systems.

1928 was the year of the Big Break. Pijamas became fashionable thanks to the designer, Coco Chanel who created the trend of  “Beach pajamas” (Yes,you’re reading right ) These were loose pieces worn on summer days and were considered outrageous at the time.

But we haven’t finished.  Chanel went even further with  the trend she had created. In the 1920s , decided that loose pajama-style pants, combined with a blouse or shirt, were synonymous with elegance and comfort. Short time after, her vision was such a thing  that in the resort of Juan-les-Pins, on the French Riviera, wearing pajamas was so common that the place received the nickname “Pajamapolis”.

100 years later, pijamas are still an essential in our wardrobe. Either as the garment to go to bed or as a versatile piece that we can combine with jeans, pants and get an outfit out of the ordinary. Brands like Lobo Rosa have reinvented the “Pijama Look” with unique prints and multifunctional designs. Now, will you see your pajamas like before? we surely won’t!

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