Put your pants ON! (Even if you screen doesn’t show them)

Put your pants ON! (Even if you screen doesn’t show them)

 May 1st, 2020


When in doubt, wear pants. Creating a casual look but showing your style at the same time, shouldn’t’ be  a difficult task if you have the right pieces in your closet. If you are one of those  who assemble their outfits from top to bottom, today is the day to think differently. Each day more brands and designers are proposing to make each garment a leading piece. With the right pants and your favorite accessories you’ll  be ready in a matter of minutes. These  are our favorite ones. 

1.Paper Bag Pants

For a  day at the office, a meeting with friends or a walk in the city, these pants fit any occasion.  Its name is due to its slim fit at the waist and looser on the legs, resembling the shape of a crumpled paper bag. Whether in classic colors or prints like this one, you should take the chance. 

2.The White Pants

White pants are classic. Whether you are in cold or tropical weather it’s very easy to win using them. Add a kimono or denim jacket and the cold will not be an excuse to look great. Or combine it with your favorite summer top for a fresh look

3.Cropped Flared Jeans

Is your closet full of skinny jeans? Make a space ‘cause these are your next ones. They’re  not  like boyfriends but also not the reincarnation of the 70s . Combine them with heels and it’s a winner.W ear them with sneakers and a T- shirt for a day look, you choose! 

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