Mom Magic

Mom Magic

May 08, 2021


My experience as a new mom and entrepreneur

By Ana María Zúñiga, Moda Lab Founder
This is my daughter Cayetana. She is light, she is joy, she is purity, she is nobility, she is laughter, she is mischief, she is an explorer! The greatest thing that has happened in my life. There is a Before and After. The day she was born, Ana María the mother was also born. When growing in my belly two things happened, (1) I launched Moda Lab in April 2020 after 2 years of preparation and work and (2) the pandemic and confinement started. Instead of being left with fear, uncertainty, she filled me with strength, peace, and hope, knowing that launching and failing was better than not trying. Fortunately, the opposite happened!
With my belly getting bigger and bigger, I worked until the last minute. Mondays through Sundays from sunrise to sunset. Once she was born, I learned to sleep little, to feed her despite the pain, discomfort and fatigue, to be there for her with every cry, to burp her after feeding for 40 minutes, to change hundreds of diapers, to work while she slept and to make 24 hour days in 48 hours to be able to take on the most important role of my life (being a good mom) without leaving aside my professional and personal dreams (growing Moda Lab).Thanks to her, I want to continue consolidating this project that gave me meaning and a purpose far beyond a sustainable and scalable business. A project that will benefit many people and generate a positive impact on our society and Colombia. Rather than having a few large fashion conglomerates in our country, to work side by side with the entrepreneurs behind our brands in order to have 100-200 solid companies whose development will generate employment and consolidate the industry. That ifor me, is a more profound impact.

But hey, I went a little off track to illustrate that my discovery of finding purpose came after one day realizing that I wanted to pursue things that would leave a legathy worthy of admiration for my children.

Becoming a mom makes you work for your best version, to teach through example and actions, not words. To educate with love, patience, affection, to be able to guide these wonderful human beings who are born only with purest and noble feelings to continue on that path.

That inexplicable force that we get to achieve everything, that is pure Magic. That’s Mom Magic!

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