How to Make Your Moda Colada (3 simple steps!)

How to Make Your Moda Colada (3 simple steps!)

Moda Lab is finally LIVE!  And we celebrated our launch with a virtual party. It was a night of fashion, inspiring stories and of course, Cocktails! This is why  we teamed up with our friends from Hangry Fellas and Ron La Hechicera to create a signature cocktail. The result was the “Moda Colada”, a drink that’s easy to prepare and gives the perfect excuse to celebrate at home. Grab a pen and paper,  this is what you’ll need.


1 ½ shot of grapefruit juice

1 ½ coconut cream

1 shot of Ron La Hechicera

Grapefruit zest

Fresh thyme



1.Grab a shaker and add grapefruit juice, coconut cream and Ron La Hechicera with a bit of ice. Shake for about 10 seconds.

2.In a glass or cup add the crushed ice and then serve the mixture.

3.Serve and garnish the glass with thyme, grapefruit zest and enjoy! 

Just like that you can prepare our Moda Colada. If you missed the Launch Party, go to Moda Lab’s Instagram profile and watch it on IGTV!


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