Before and now: Makeup Tutorials

Before and now: Makeup Tutorials

May 26th, 2020

Looking for inspiration for a makeup look is a task with no mystery. A single search can give us thousands results and we will choose the one that works best for us. But that happens now, all the information we look for it’s just one click away. And how was it before? If you have ever wondered if there were no makeup tutorials in the past decades, today you’ll know the answer. Moda Lab has selected for you 5 videos that the universe of tutorials is not a millennial matter.

1.Makeup and skincare routine:

What was a daily beauty routine like? Powders, creams and bubble baths are on the list.

2.Eyebrows on point: 

How to get Hollywood star eyebrows? This 1938 tutorial teaches you all the tricks.

3.The Cat Eye:

One of the most iconic – and troublesome – looks taught by Liz Taylor herself. We could learn anything this way, right?

4.The Master Class:

If you’ve never been able to attend a makeup masterclass, the day has come. Courtesy of Ern Westmore in 1950.

5.60’s Look 

A step by step with all the essentials of a makeup from the 60’s. Twiggy would be so proud if you try.

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