5 jewels pieces to wear wherever you want (even at home)

5 jewels pieces to wear wherever you want (even at home)

April 02, 2020.

Jewelry is synonymous with sophistication. With a single detail you can illuminate your face, elevate your looks to the maximum and express yourself, without many words. We see them more and more, of all styles. From minimalist and classic to the mystical bohemian.

The golden fever is still a trend. Whether they’re made with ancestral designs seventies boho style inspo, you will always have the possibility of mixing and making layers. Jewels offer us tons of ways for always being ready.

Moda Lab has chosen 5 essential pieces for you. Which one is your favorite?

1.  Casual luxury

A pair of long earrings for daytime and Magic! With this pair you have color, a touch of gold and tortoiseshell, the protagonist of the season.

Analia Earrings, Laura Dávila

2. More is more

Is it just one enough? Play to combine necklaces of different styles and sizes and you will have a unique piece.

Choker Bedu, Masaid Necklace, La Sierra

3. Golden rebeldy

Earcuffs are the ideal pieces to set a statement without making a fuss. If you like piercings but fear is bigger than you, this accessory is the answer. Wear your hair up and leave them in sight You will love it!

Bedu Earcuff, La Sierra.

4. Fresh Winds

Did you think chokers were gone? They’re right here. This hot trend from the nineties is reinvented and here to stay.

Corina Choker, Laura Dávila

5. Gold in your hands

Are you forgetting something? Before leaving home, one ring – or many – can make a difference. Combine them and try many styles with few pieces.

Estela Ring, Mayali Ring, Berber Ring, La Sierra.

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