3 mochilas, 3 ways of wearing handmade tradition

3 mochilas, 3 ways of wearing handmade tradition

April 02, 2020.

Can one single piece be chic, versatile, functional and tell a story? Yes. The Verdi mochila is already an essential piece in the closet of many women – and men- who appreciate the value of craftsmanship made by the hands that weave tradition in each thread taken to the next level. Earthy colors with indigenous patterns, neon tones, sparkly and now a brilliant reinterpretation which combines materials such as copper, stainless steel, plantain fibers, silk to mention a few, the Verdi mochila have become the perfect ally to make a statement in your everyday outfits and the most special ones.

Regardless of the weather, location or agenda. Adding a mochila to your look is the final touch you needed, without much effort. Here are three ideas for you to get one and never let them go.

1. Elevate your everyday basics

Jeans, t-shirts and sneakers are the perfect alibi for long and busy days. Elevate your go-to outfits with a mochila without any sacrifice. The metallic details will make you stand out within miles.

Bucket bag, VERDI

2. Girls night out?

You’re on your way out, got the plan, the friends and the outfit. You have it all, so the last thing you want to is getting complicated with a messy bag. For everyone of us, there’s an ideal mochila. The seashell weave in gold, copper or rose gold are the perfect closure for your evening looks.

Seashell Gold, VERDI

3. Let’s go to the beach!

Whether on vacation, your best friend’s wedding, or a weekend getaway. The complement that can’t be missing in your day-to-night looks, is a mochila.

Pineapple Copper, VERDI

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